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Sextus Empiricus
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i am fit

I am an engineer trained in astronomy (Leiden University) and food technology (Wageningen University).

I like to answer questions on, which doesn't directly seem to be my main field, but the applied mathematics is very general.

In addition, I have learned a lot from spending time on the website, and (to be honest) a lot of my answers depend mostly on research skills.

Why do I use the nickname "Sextus Empiricus"?

I originally used my own name, but I changed it into a nickname because of dissatisfaction, with StackExchange management during 2020.

I chose the name SE because his works are like my bible (my other favorite philosophical writings are from Descartes and Wittgenstein), and because the initials resemble a particular website.

Currently I slightly regret carrying such a big name as a nickname, but I also see it as fun and try to remain close to his philosophy. I can also be happy that I didn't change my nickname into Ronald Fisher.

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