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This is great news. We may still be in Beta, but hopefully not for much longer! I'm taking it as a good omen that a foundational company in the field of AI wants to be associated with our dynamic and growing Artificial Intelligence stack!


Sure I have an image myself: It is fairly easy and with high to recognition value. It has like everything to do with AI and is a discussion topic for every party :)


Catija's hunch was right: the logo is blocked by uBlock, since it's a link to I would have checked that, if I hadn't seen the AWS logo on Cross Validated a few weeks ago. But right now it's not showing there either. I guess the ad link is important enough (in terms of revenue, or just part of the sponsorship contract) to keep it, so I'm ...


I do appreciate the IBM work! However; How do this newly sponsored AI site differ from the other sites that have been parterned with SE,like AskUbuntu Is creating a new site only in this case, as a proof of concept? And then if it works, in the future existing sites will be sponsored? Otherwise I don't think I understand how sponsorship equates to "bringing ...


This would indeed seem to be problematic. Although the icon is unique, it does appear to be a muddy blob of color at the smaller size. Aside from the aesthetic, it's difficult to make an association to a stack when the image is not clear.

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