I was one of the close voters, and let me explain here why I voted to close. As I, and some other users, have said multiple times before, we should avoid questions that are only related to machine learning. Those questions are already on-topic on both Data Science and Cross Validated. The point of creating this site was filling a gap that was not already ...


Data science and the Stats SE already have a huge overlap (>~80%), and I am worried to have a third SE that also significantly overlaps with them, so that why I VTC. I think the best solution would be along the lines of this proposal: build and strengthen the Stack Exchange community with “crossover questions” between sites.


If I had voted to close it, I would have done so as "too broad." It's not entirely clear what an answer should contain: a response to "how exactly does it identify people on the street?" would have to go extremely deep. Notice how the answer, while very interesting, doesn't explain how the car figures out how to highlight what objects. As mentioned in a ...

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