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Stack Overflow is planning to give their theoretical AI/ML questions wholesale to Cross Validated

Just a note that Stack Overflow is looking to give away their closed questions on theoretical aspects of AI/ML to Cross Validated: Let's gift wrap our (good) Machine Learning theory questions for ...
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Initiative to migrate unanswered Data Science questions to SE:Data Science

I love that people are coming here to answer some of them, and I think we should encourage that for basic questions, and try to emphasize the conceptual aspects, and point to Data Science for more ...
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Add CogSCi as a migration target

Can we please add Cognitive Sciences as a migration target? It only makes sense, since we're bound to have some questions that should probably be migrated there, such as this. Or at least add the '...
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2 answers

Adding stats as a migration target

It would be nice to add as a migration target:
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3 votes
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Are you going to migrate some questions from stackoverflow or other sites to here because they better fit this site?

Today, I was looking at the oldest questions asked in other sites. Take Geographic Information Systems as an example: The site's age is 6y1m and and as it is seen in the area51 page of the site: ...
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How do we manage off-topic flags?

Apparently, we cannot flag a question as belonging to other network during beta: What is the recommended way to go in these situations?
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Do we want easy technical questions?

I was clicking around and wanted to post a question. Started doing research to be able to ask an interesting one that I have in mind, and, well: Avoid “easy” questions It’s tempting to start with ...
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