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Why are there so many open questions about pre-trained models?

I've just learned there exits this following closed reason: This post is about specific software, hardware, datasets, or pre-trained models. So why are there so many open questions about pre-trained ...
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List of problematic tags that can lead to off-topic questions

This meta-post is meant to list tags that can lead to off-topic and opinion-based questions, in particular, programming questions, hardware-related questions, datasets and pre-trained models, and ...
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Why asking about advantages of 'early stopping' has been closed?

This question: What is early stopping? has been closed as off-topic. I don't see the reason why it should. The 'early stopping', in machine learning (branch of AI) is used to avoid overfitting ...
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Why question about AI of Google's car has been closed?

On what basis the: How does Google's self-driving car identify pedestrians? question has been closed? The reason of closure was that it's off-topic and 'does not appear to be about artificial ...
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