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Do we want easy technical questions?

I was clicking around and wanted to post a question. Started doing research to be able to ask an interesting one that I have in mind, and, well: Avoid “easy” questions It’s tempting to start with ...
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Adding stats as a migration target

It would be nice to add as a migration target:
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How do we manage off-topic flags?

Apparently, we cannot flag a question as belonging to other network during beta: What is the recommended way to go in these situations?
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Announcement of two new specific close reasons

I'm glad to announce that we finally have 2 new specific close reasons that you can choose from the list of "community-specific close reasons". Here's a screenshot. These two close reasons ...
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Guidelines for Answer Deletion

In addition to closing poor questions, the issue of deletion of extremely poor answers has been raised, so I'm posting to solicit a conversation on guidelines for deleting answers. 1. Off-topic ...
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List of problematic tags that can lead to off-topic questions

This meta-post is meant to list tags that can lead to off-topic and opinion-based questions, in particular, programming questions, hardware-related questions, datasets and pre-trained models, and ...
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Add "no sources in algorithmic questions" as a close reason

On this site, I see a couple of algorithmic questions in the direction "a vs b: what is the difference". They usually show no effort in asking the question and are hard to answer because it is not ...
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