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Is it recommended to accept an uncited plagiarised answer?

One of my questions got answers from a user. The user had provided the exact answer to my question. So, in general, I need to upvote because of clarity and explanation and accept because it is ...
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Should I put a disclaimer while answering with low confidence?

I got a doubt while reading a textbook yesterday and I asked a question on the same day. Today I got some insights regarding it after reading whole unit. But, I am not fully confident whether I am ...
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Should I delete the question if I get a reference to answer in comments

I asked a question in our main site and got a reference to the answer. In such cases, it may be okay for me to delete the question and read it from the textbook itself. But, is it an encourage-able ...
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Is it okay treat the number of upvotes as correctness?

I am dividing the answers for the questions asked by me into two types. One type is the answers that can be validated by me easily. It can be either due to my knowledge or exposure or the authentic ...
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Was this answer about dissolving in an AI acceptable in its original state?

This answer looked like this when it was first posted: Did you mean, technological singularity? This looks suspiciously like a link-only ...
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How should non-fact-based answers be handled?

Since this site is more subjective than some, we occasionally get answers that are solely based on personal opinion or make claims with no justification/references. Even subjective questions should ...
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What should we do with answers copied from other SE sites?

Recently I asked a question and one of the most voted answer is totally plagiarized from an answer to a similar question in Robotics StackExchange I think it is against the site policy as the answer ...
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