There are questions, like What are the latest 'hot' research topics for deep learning and AI?, whose answers can get outdated quite quickly, as opposed to other questions, whose answers almost never change or change very slowly through time. The linked question can actually be partially opinion-based, but this is not the point of this post.

How should we handle these questions? Should we make the questions and/or answers to these questions wikis, so that all community members are encouraged to contribute to and update them?

In fact, in the help page of wikis, we have the following

When should I edit Community Wiki posts?

Community wiki posts have been donated to the community in hopes that others will edit them to keep them up to date, to add useful information, and generally improve their quality.

Take us up on that offer -- whenever you see a community wiki post and have something useful to contribute, edit it!

Or maybe should we discourage this type of question? Should we even close them as off-topic? Should we update them to specify the context where and when they were asked? I believe this could be an option, but this would probably imply that a similar or same question could be asked again in the future so that to get more updated answers.

Similar discussions have already happened in the past in other SE communities, but what does our community think about this topic?


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