I am aware that our main site is a science site.

So, in strict sense, the type of questions I want to ask for may be off-topic.

Our main site has several tags such as implementation, keras, pytorch, tensorflow that allows anyone to ask theoretical questions about the implementation packages. Since our main site consider packages and programming languages to a certain extent, I am optimistic enough to ask this question.

And another reason for my optimism is that the great theoretical textbooks of current days deal 95-99% of theory along with 1-5% suggestions related to packages.

So, I am wondering whether survey questions on available packages allowed in our main site?

Example questions:

What are the list of packages that are generally used by NLP experts?

Are there any functions available to tokenize the text other than ntlk.regexp.tokenize?


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Those two questions (especially, the second one) are currently off-topic here, as they fall under the general category "software recommendations", which is off-topic here, although there may be some exceptions (e.g. questions related to AGI may not be closed as off-topic, as they may not be on-topic anywhere else and only people that visit our site may know the answer to those questions). You could try asking this type of question on Data Science Stack Exchange or Software Recommendations Stack Exchange. We have those tags because some questions may involve those libraries, but I guess we shouldn't have many posts tagged with them. However, a question like "Why is Python widely used AI?" may not be closed as off-topic, as this is more an "implementation"/general question. To be honest, it's not always clear even to me where the boundary is, but, generally, specific programming issues are off-topic here. See our on-topic page for more info and examples.

Note that our site is still subject to change in scope (we're still a public beta site), so we can still discuss changes to our on-topic page, but this type of question has been asked multiple times here and, generally, people seem to agree that programming questions (which should be distinguished from "implementation" questions: again, the boundaries are fuzzy) should be off-topic.


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