Currently, asking for software libraries, frameworks, APIs, datasets and pre-trained models is off-topic here. However, sometimes people are just looking for an implementation of a certain model or algorithm, typically, either to play with it in order to understand the model/algorithm or to build an extension on top of it (i.e. research purposes).

So, given that the purpose of these requests is more research-oriented or to understand the algorithm/model, should we allow users to ask for implementations of algorithms/models that are not full software libraries/APIs, but whose purpose is for research or understanding?

To be more concrete, should we allow the following questions on our site

You may also argue that people doing research may just be looking for a full software library, like Keras, rather than just an implementation, so the "for research purposes" is a bit "dangerous".

This meta-post is related to this one: Should the tags resource-request and reference-request be merged?.


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