The purpose of this post is to compile lists of exemplary question that can be used to promote SE:AI to the wider AI research and engineering community on the internet.

Stack provides a unique setting for exchange of specific, technical information at a large scale, and in this way is distinct among top social sites. (This is validated in the way adding math formatting allowed the stack to blossom, and has yielded a large number of exemplary answers.)

As an example, hare are some of my favorites:

What does the symbol $\mathbb E$ mean in these equations?

What is the relation between Q-learning and policy gradients methods?

Why is A* optimal if the heuristic function is admissible?

For philosophical questions, this recent query has proven fertile ground for a range of valid answers:

Can digital computers understand infinity?


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Here's a non-exhaustive list of my favorite questions and answers, which does not mean they are perfect or cannot be improved.


Questions to which I gave an answer

My questions


My answers

Of course, I am biased towards questions and answers where I am involved, but this does not mean that there aren't many other good questions and answers on this site.

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