In addition to closing poor questions, the issue of deletion of extremely poor answers has been raised, so I'm posting to solicit a conversation on guidelines for deleting answers.

1. Off-topic answers

This refers to answers that do not address the question. (Exceptions would be answers that present relevant, corollary information that broadens understanding of the topic.)

2. Disinformation

Unlike misinformation, which arises from genuine lack of understanding, disinformation is intentional and malicious. (The remedy for misinformation is downvoting; for disinformation the remedy is deletion.)

3. Spam

Using an answer to promote a product. Also includes links to web resources not related to the subject of the question, or a relevant corollary subject.

4. Code of conduct violations

Goes without saying. Includes answers that are inflammatory, rude, contain profanity, or which target individuals who are not public figures.


Violations of the code of conduct will also likely result in bans, as the activity is clear cut.

For off-topic, disinformation & spam, which may be less clear in some cases, repeated instances can be grounds for a ban.

Let me know if I've missed anything, and any other thoughts on these guidelines.


In general, I agree with these guidelines. However, I think that misinformation can also be a good reason for deleting an answer, because (intentionally or not) the answer can be harmful. Moreover, it is not always clear the intentions of the answerer. If a user regularly gives answers with misleading or wrong information, this is an obvious sign that his/her answers need to be deleted and this user can and probably should be banned.


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