Recently, there have been several low quality questions, with respect to the topics of this website. For example, DELETED RECENT QUESTIONS, File management, Understanding Search Algorithm and Do AI and data protection go together?. The reputation points should also be used to downvote the posts that deserve to be down-voted (like the mentioned ones), where the asker (or answerer) has put very little (or no) effort in writing an understandable post or has not performed some research before asking, so that to discourage them to do it again next time. It surprises me that these questions do not have more downvotes, which should be the first and fastest visual measure of the quality of the post.

Why is this community too tolerant or often not compliant with the Stack Exchange "standards" (of "good" posts)?


Personally I don't mind the softball questions that could have been answered with a Google search because I feel SE:AI can add context to a Wikipedia entry, and I think we should be the #2 result for that stuff, behind Wikipedia but certainly ahead of Quora. (Drives traffic to our site and potentially expands our user base.)

Regarding the other stuff, I think we need more voting in general, both up and down!


If i understand your concern right, you're in fear that lots of low quality questions are flooding our nice forum and the only way to resist is to downvote the questions which are below the standard. My concern is the opposite, that means, that SE.AI is posting misleading information and outside of the forum are the experts who will teach us. Forum moderation isn't able to influence the asker, it can only modify what longterm users of SE.AI are doing.

In theory it's possible to block any question which doesn't fit to the guidelines. The management principle is called workers control. In communism, the workers in the factory are deciding autonomously what they like to do day by day. The advantage over market-oriented management is, that the economy can be planned in beforehand and has no inequality.

Communism is the opposite of a market economy. The structure of an institution, it's workers and it's own structure are important but not the needs of the environment of the system. Communism means, that a system acts autonomously and denies to response to external requirements.

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    $\begingroup$ I think that there are regular users and visitors of our website (including me) that are quite competent in certain fields. For example, we have a few people that can be considered "experts" (that is, with a good knowledge) in the RL field. The regular users and visitors of our website are the ones that mainly shape the website (by answering to question, asking new questions, editing posts, etc.). What does communism have to do with all of this? $\endgroup$ – nbro Apr 24 at 13:11

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