In the last days, I have been quite active on this website. I tried to do my best to improve the quality of the content of this website. This includes downvoting clearly bad answers (which, IMHO, also includes answers which are highly opinionated, where the author has not put any effort in writing them well, missing citations, etc.). I have been commenting under answers and questions, so as to provide feedback. For example, I have, in particular, provided feedback here, here and here. Under this last post, I wrote the comment:

I spent a significant amount of reputation (for the good of the this community) to downvote almost all answers below, which, unfortunately, I find very unsatisfactory. You guys, especially people in the field (like me), should do the same.

Any person that has obtained a bachelor's or master's of science in computer science or AI would definitely agree with my comment above. The original question is "What is AI?". Now, undoubtedly, this is one of the most important questions that could be asked on this website.

In certain answers, we see statements like

I am going one step further (controversial!). If you remove A non-human entity from the first definition, that is the definition for human intelligence, for me.


In my opinion, one of the crucial things about AI is the ability to understand and make the right conclusions in a changing environment.


Artificial Intelligence is a field which deals with scientific study,design, research and development/engineering,which aims at simulating human intelligence(natural intelligence) into software programs(Intelligent Computerised Systems).Thus based on ComputerScience/Robotics, Neuroscience, Psychology..to mention but a few.

(You can also observe how much effort has been put in writing this answer well. Sarcasm.)


AI is a field that uses computation techniques to approximate complex decisions.

I could go on and on. The list of statements that are very arguably, opinionated, ambiguous, etc., goes on and on. Now, given that this is one of the most important question that could have been asked on this website, I decided to publicly say that I downvoted almost all of them, for the good of the community. I believe that good answers to this question would cite the definitions that have been given throughout the years by the experts in the field. For me, there are already too many opinions, we don't need the opinion of someone that does not even have a full understanding and view of the whole field. It is unproductive to keep sharing your opinions in this case, which are difficult to merge in a full well-accepted definition. Furthermore, in general, it is difficult to define a whole field, as the field often evolves over time or, anyway, the boundaries are not sharp. So, a historical perspective would also be interesting, instead of all these opinions.

But, in this post, I don't just want to express my opinion regarding these answers. I wanted, in particular, to report the revengeful behaviour of certain users of this website. Since I have publicly given these comments, my answers https://ai.stackexchange.com/a/8909/2444, https://ai.stackexchange.com/a/8907/2444, https://ai.stackexchange.com/a/3227/2444 have been downvoted. Now, can someone explain to me why?

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