I came across these tags. Are these tags synonymous?

The Spanish language tag is not synonymous, but I don't find what purpose it serves.

Also I think these time should be a subset of optimization:


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Re: The 3 NLP tags

This has been on my radar for a little while. I've just briefly re-reviewed the questions for these three tags and see no reason not to merge.

If anyone has any reason these tags should not be merged, speak now or forever hold your peace

Re: "spanish-language" tag

This is one I decided to test out, related to a question asking for both English and Spanish language resources. Spanish is the #2 language in the US, so it might be worthwhile to see if this tag gets any additional use. (If not, we can always delete.)

Re: "time" tag

I've replaced the "time" tag with a new "time-complexity" tag on this question: Neural networks efficiently solve traveling salesmen problems?

This question, however, seems to be about automata learning the concept of time. Based on a linked research paper, I've tentatively updated the "time" tag to refer to perceptual time.


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