I am trying to post a question in the Ask Question form, but it always shows "You can only post once every 40 minutes" even though it's my first question.

My question is What are the artificial intelligence frameworks?

May I ask this question?


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As mentioned by Mithrandir, this is a network-wide measure that applies to all users with less than 125 reputation. Source: The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide. It's designed to slow down spammers. Once the 40-minute window elapses, you'll be able to post another question anywhere on the network. I see that you have already done so.

Please note that resource recommendations are off-topic here for two reasons. First, this site is for social and conceptual questions about artificial intelligence. Also (and this applies to most sites on Stack Exchange), collections of off-site resources tend to go out of date very quickly; it takes a community effort to keep such a resource up to date. If the scope of the site is unclear, please bring up your concern here on meta so we can get it clarified.


This applies site-wide.

If you have asked a question anywhere on the Stack Exchange network in the past 40 minutes, you have to wait before asking a question on any site.

See this answer: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/322157/arent-new-users-throttled-asking-questions-anymore/322265#322265


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