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What are the parts and the general framework of OpenCog?

Asks for an opinion and a recommendation,that is to say;what the general ideas behind open cog are and whether you would endorse it as a insightful take on AGI

Do you think such question should be asked?


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No, no, no.

We have a close reason for opinion-based questions. They are explicitly off-topic on Stack Exchange sites.

When you click on 'Close'1 (you gain close vote privileges at 500 rep on public Beta sites, 3,000 on graduated sites (1 rep during private beta)), you see something like this:


See that 'primarily opinion-based' down there? That's one of the close reasons. (That blue '1' means that someone has already voted to close it for that reason. It takes 5 votes to close it.)

1If you don't yet have closing privileges, you can flag it as needing to be closed. Click on 'flag', then click on 'should be closed because...' and you'll see something like this:


See 'What should I not ask about here?' in the Help Center.


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