It was suggested that:

"implementation problems" be explicitly listed as outside the scope of this site

Can we clarify what this could mean? Some example would be useful.

@InquisitiveLurker suggested that this could mean asking about inner workings of basic algorithms, but then how we define 'inner working'.

This also may help: How to distinguish AI modeling from implementation?

Any ideas?


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Personally I disagree with the entire premise that "implementation should be off topic". I don't see any point in talking nothing but theory and never talking implementation. My fear is that that will lead us into fringe-land with a lot of sketch posts asking philosophical questions that aren't really helpful to anybody.


Implementation problems may refer to the "how to do X with the Y tool/framework" kind of questions. Such kind of questions are indirectly related to AI, via the X part, which could lead to ask the OP to change the question focus. So questions that solely pertain to Y should be off-topic.

One issue with this approach, is that, say, 10 years ago, Y would have been seen as AI from science fictions. At some point in time, "we did it", and Y just looks like another tool.


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